I don't think I really like anything about headphones from a design standpoint. They are what they are. They go over your ears and produce sound for you to hear.

I wouldn't say that I'm an audiophile or anything, but I'm almost there. The main thing that's keeping me back is definitely the cost. Though some would argue that quality is independent of price in many cases. There's a subcategory that's called budget audiophiles. I think I fit into that category pretty well. The whole point is not to find the most expensive pair, but to find what fits your ears the best. I currently use in ear monitor headphones. They're the kind that go in your ear canal. I tend to move around a lot, so it's a lot easier for me.

What I love most about headphones is actually the immersive environment.

I tend to use headphones the most when I'm in crowded places. When I'm by myself, there isn't really a reason to use them. I end up using them a lot on buses and planes. I guess I just like being isolated.

It's basically like a tool to escape from the crowds of people.

I prefer noise isolating over noise canceling because of cost first and foremost. The second reason is that noise canceling headphones actually mess with the overall sound produced by the headphones. They tend to make it more muddy because it's canceling out a lot of frequencies. If the headphones don't reproduce sound in a good way, then what's the point of them? I end up isolating myself to something that's subpar. I want to be in the best quality environment at all times. I think when I'm around a lot of people, I can't control my environment as well as if I'm isolated and listening to music.

I like to have control over at least some things in my life.

I mostly listen to acoustics and vocals because those things are nostalgic of my family. My family has a musical background, so I heard a lot of acoustic guitar and vocals growing up. I listen to some pop introduced by my friends. Sometimes J-pop from animes that I like to watch. The type of headphones I generally like tend to reproduce the details of the music better. Because my musical preferences are based on experiences, I want to have an immersive experience as much as possible. That way, I enjoy the music the most.

I choose to immerse myself in an experience that I create. The experiences are usually nostalgic, actually. I've pretty much stopped listening to music while I work because it doesn't have any nostalgic value to me. It's more of a hobby than it is a pastime for me.