Lunar Gala: VESTIGE

Lunar Gala is a student run fashion show at Carnegie Mellon University. The show features twenty lines designed by students. I worked on the user experience of the website as well as some of the overall branding for the entire experience of the show. This includes the typeface design, the website design, and experience design.

The full website can be found here.

The Theme

Inspired by the goat (the Chinese horoscopic animal of 2015), we are exploring themes of sacrifice, indulgence and appeasement in Lunar Gala: Vestige.

By personifying the show as a conscious entity, the audience becomes an active participant and is raised to the level of a deity. Objects of desire, the fashion lines and performances within the show, are collected and assembled by the show (as an entity) to form a shrine to offer the audience. The audience devours them as they are witnessed walking across the stage.

To keep the audience saturated with information, the show occasionally must pause, or rest, in order to recollect content for the viewer. This creates a juxtaposition between a high saturation of content and minimal amount going on. After one final rest, the show ends as a result of a final purge of content, where all that remains is expelled in a finale upon the gaze of the viewer. The show ends, and all resources to offer to the audience are depleted. This cycle repeats the following year.

– Katherine Frazer


Because of the over consumptive nature of the theme, we wanted the overall branding to be saturated with information with periodic breaks to leave the audience gasping with the change of pace. This translated to over saturation of colors and elements within the branding itself.


The website is done in a way so that all the content is on the page at all times. The page is constantly in motion and overflowing with text and images that serve to overwhelm to viewer. The idea is to give the viewer a taste of what is to come at the actual show.